Diamond Mining

From Russia to Australia, diamonds are sourced from different regions across the globe. However, a majority of them are mined in Africa. When run ethically, the diamond industry provides benefits like infrastructure and health care to the mining communities. However, when managed by the wrong people, diamond mining can be used to fund illegal governments and support wars apart from forcing the workers to often work in inhuman, risky conditions and channelling the money earned into avenues that are unethical. At LadyLux, we have a strong stance against these, which is why we take steps to ensure ethical sourcing of all our diamonds. Please see the complete details of our conflict-free policy given below.

The Kimberley Process

We have 100% commitment to getting ethical diamonds and have a zero-tolerance policy in place for all our diamond engagement rings. Diamonds are tracked from mine-to-market with the Kimberley Process. The United Nations as well as other non-governmental organizations are partners in this process, the solitary goal of which is to stop conflict stones’ trading and support the use of ethical diamonds.

What Makes Us So sure?

All diamonds we source at LadyLux are assured to be conflict-free. With strict and active enforcement of the Kimberley Process requirements, the UK and US customs play an important role during the transport of diamonds.

LadyLux is proud to be a member of campaigns that support ethical jewellery and aim to end blood diamonds.