Fancy Coloured Diamonds

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GIA's grading terminology uses a combination of fancy grades and colour descriptions to identify a coloured diamond's characteristic colour.

A fancy grade respresents the combined effect of tone and saturation on the colour of a diamond.

All Ladylux fancy colour diamonds are accompanied by a GIA colour diamond report. All Ladylux fancy colour diamonds are of natural colour. This means that their original nature, when mined from the earths depths, were of this colour hue as seen in its final state. There is no treatment to the diamond to obtain the colour that is seen within the diamond.

GIA has established a colour grade scale that encompasses the hue, tone and saturation of colour as seen by experienced gemmologist. At GIA several gemmologists must be in agreement for the unknown diamond to be assigned a final fancy colour grade. All colour diamonds are tested for all known treatments that can enchance or impart colour to a diamond.