10 Year Average Historic Wholesale Index

Pink, blue and yellow fancy colour diamonds are the three most commonly traded FCD categories. Below is a composite representation of changes in price points gathered since 2005, based on a statistically significant sample size (tens of thousands of diamonds). The index offers insight into variations in the appreciation of diamonds of different colours and sizes.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds | Pink Blue Yellow


As you can see the average value of FCDs over the last 10 years has been very positive with the stand-out being the Fancy Pink Diamond. The charts below show the growth in value over 10 years broken down into Pink, Blue and Yellow diamonds of varying sizes.

Pink Diamond Index over 10 Years | By Carat


Showing consistent growth over the 10 years between January 05 and January 2015, Fancy Pink Diamonds continue to outshine other FCD’s as well as Global Indices and Commodities. It is easy to see why these diamonds continue to be a stable center-piece amongst many successful portfolios.

Blue Diamond Index over 10 Years | By Carat


Yellow Diamond Index over 10 Years | By Carat