The Fancy Colour Diamond Market

10 Year Average Historic Wholesale Prices


Fancy Coloured Diamonds (FCDs) are a unique field to index due to the extreme differences in the value between the actual Fancy Coloured Diamonds themselves. The two most consistently performing Fancy Coloured Diamonds are pink and blue diamonds due to their rarity. Yellow diamonds have seen their value decline before increasing 52% which gives a perspective on how consumer worth can alter a FCD’s value.

The Asian market was the most influential force when it came to both recognizing and increasing the worth of Fancy Coloured Diamonds. In 2009, several Asian trading companies were formed for the sole purpose of trading FCD’s. Once they had acquired a large portion of the FCD market, they held onto the diamonds for a long time and they watched their value grow as demand slowly began to exceed supply.

The one particular diamond that got everyone’s attention during this period with an increase in value of 209%, was the Fancy Pink Diamond. The FCD market was quick to react with the demand and value of Fancy Pink Diamonds continuing to grow.

Another element that added to the value increase of FCD’s across the board was when luxury retailers, such as Tiffany & Co, sourced Fancy Coloured Diamonds to create authentic jewelry pieces for their exclusive customers. The marketing and advertising behind these retail power houses emphasized not only the beauty and rarity of Fancy Coloured Diamonds but also turned them into something of a status symbol. Again, this increased the popularity of FCD’s and placed more demand on the market.

The Argyle Diamond Mine located in Western Australia, which is responsible for a large supply of Fancy Pink Coloured Diamonds, added more stress to the market when it announced that mining would desist in 2020.

Throughout all of the turbulence in other industries across the years, it is clearly shown that Fancy Coloured Diamonds as a whole will continue to increase in value as the supply shortens and the demands increase.
An FCD is more and more so becoming an acquisition that will continue to add value across a lifetime.