“My reason for choosing the diamond is that, dense as they are, they represent the greatest worth in the smallest volume.”



Nothing matches grace and style like the traditional solitaire engagement ring


With its simple, ageless and graceful design, it’s the sure winner among engagement ring styles. For us, it’s based on the ideal concept and symbolises 70% of the market for engagement rings. In our design repertoire, solitaires exceed any other style.

We always suggest that using a graceful, thin band for setting a solitaire ring’s lone diamond. You can even use a band as 2mm. By emphasising the stone, it enhances its appeal to make it the ideal centrepiece. In this setting, you won’t need any chunky metal for supporting the stone.

Not Sure of What Your Lady Prefers?

The solitaire is an ideal choice if you want to design engagement ring on your own but aren’t sure of your fiancée’s preference. Since you can put the majority of your budget to buy the stone, it also allows you to select a diamond that’s better, bigger and more attractive. With the solitaire, you simply can’t go wrong! A solitaire offers you more variety than you may imagine since you can design it in various styles. From the 6-claw setting (popularly called the Tiffany setting) to the 4-claw setting and even a pavé setting, you have a wide variety to choose from.


When designing your own engagement ring, selecting the solitaire brings another advantage with its versatile style that can be easily matched with your chosen wedding band, thus not needing you to invest more on getting a custom band made.

Things to Consider

If you plan to design your engagement ring but you can’t get the highest-grade diamond within your budget, perhaps you should give the solitaire a miss. You can choose other styles that don’t depend so heavily on the diamond and yet provide you with the optimum sparkle.

Summary Points

As an engagement ring, nothing can beat the practical, unique and classic aura of the solitaire. No wonder it’s a great choice for those who aren’t sure of what the real preference of their partner or their own is.



Ladies with a penchant for modern style will find this style beautiful and suitable



What is Pavé?

Deriving its name from the French word equivalent to paving stones, the pave has a stone at the centre with closely set small diamonds paving its shoulders. Each diamond or gem is separated and secured in its position by separate microscopic metal settings. Perhaps this is what makes the shoulders appear like dusted with diamonds.

At times, you may even feel the ring to be crafted just of diamonds since the metal stays concealed below. Diamonds with extremely uniform spacing and size are most commonly used in the Pavé rings and we too aim for the same when handling these designs right through its production.

The more accurately the diamonds are cut, the better will be the ring setting. At Ladylux, we use diamonds with a G colour grade and VS2 clarity grade in a pavé setting to make sure it displays maximum shine. This style needs a wider ring shank to ensure space for all the smaller diamonds, which will help create a more significant ring liked by several clients.


The choice of your engagement ring should suit the lifestyle of the lady who is going to wear it, which makes it important to be careful with what you choose. You also need to take very good care of pavé engagement rings since they involve small diamonds, which despite being set carefully on the ring shank in small holes, are prone to become loose, which would then need to be replaced.

You also need to consider the price. This style involves a higher price as a lot of work is needed to place all the small diamonds precisely. It’s often the bench time that’s required to position the small diamonds, and not the materials, that make the price tag pretty steep.

On a pavé engagement ring, the diamond at the centre can seem smaller and a bit overshadowed by the adjacent shoulder diamonds. You have to decide whether this would be a matter of concern when you plan to design your engagement ring on your own. Since this setting makes resizing difficult, you should have the precise ring measurements from the start.

Conclusive Points for Pavé

Despite its steep price tag and the need of very high care and attention, this style stays trendy and showcases an unmatched wow factor.


Remarkable overall look with optimum sparkle at a modest price



This style includes a diamond at the centre that’s surrounded by a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds. The goal is to highlight the central stone and draw attention to its visual appeal, splendour and sparkle. While some halo styles have the halo and the central diamond set closely, some others have a gap between them. You can discuss the design with us in case you want to take the DIY route for your engagement ring.

Advantageous Points
With a magnificent sparkle, these beautiful pieces are ideal if you plan to design your engagement ring but have a budgetary restraint as you can get a smaller, albeit bright central stone at a lower price point and use the surrounding smaller stones to enhance its radiance.

The Catch
Sizing this style is a challenge for designers since modifications made after setting can disturb the halo’s structure. So, right from the start of the design process, it’s best to know what the lady’s ring size is.

A Brief Overview of the Halo Engagement Ring Choosing the halo style for designing your own engagement ring is a marvellous choice. It boasts of a striking look that can fit well within your budget without compromising on its overall shine.


Remarkable overall look with optimum sparkle at a modest price



Usually, the size of the stone at the centre is the largest while the other two are 50% of the central stone’s size. Though clients request stones or diamonds of the same shape for all three, we have crafted some beautiful pieces where the shape of the side stones was different from that of the diamond in the centre. At times, we have even blended the trilogy and pave to optimise the stone’s shine.

Our strong recommendation is to always use the central stone of at least 1 carat while each of the side stones should ideally be approximately 0.5 carats. To fit your budget, you can stretch it down to almost 0.7 carats for the central diamond.

This style comes with varied design possibilities, and when you let us know the design you have in mind for crafting your own engagement ring on your own, we can discuss it with you.

From fancy cut diamonds set in a bezel to classic designs having three-claw positioned round sparkling diamonds, we can discuss options with you that will make you feel you have almost endless choices to take your pick from.


If your ladylove has an eye for the traditional but wants to get something slightly different from the Solitaire, this style is your ideal choice when you plan to design your engagement ring on your own.

It wasn’t very long ago when an extremely indecisive gentleman came to us enquiring about rings for his would-be bride. The man told us his ladylove was her local Women’s Institute’s chairman but had always desired to ride a motorbike. Hearing this, we recommended the Trilogy and he readily agreed, saying it was the ideal blend of classical with a minor edge of eccentricity.

The Price
With three key diamonds on the ring, the Trilogy style comes with a steep price tag. Yet, we will always be there to offer advice once you have decided to design your engagement ring on your own, and in case you opt for the Trilogy style, we will work together to find a solution that lets you achieve the best balance between visual appeal and budget.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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