We create custom engagement rings for your special moment and provide exclusive pink diamond collections.

How can we help you today?

Prefer to create a completely unique ring with one of our consults? Take advantage of our introductory consult for $250.

- Meet at convenient location to you
- If purchasing a diamond ring, receive the following:

  • Discreet Flat Box (RRP $99)
  • Crystalline Toasting Champagne Flutes (RRP $499)

Who Is Lady Lux?

Lady Lux is your preferred custom engagement ring and pink diamond vendor in Sydney, Australia. Owned and operated by Gina Coluccio, Lady Lux has over 10 years of experience within the industry and is your white and pink diamond expert.


Why Choose Lady Lux?

There are plenty of reasons we think you should work with us, however, we have put a few here to make you comfortable
if this is your first time meeting us.


Our diamond engagement rings are 100% handmade in Australia.

Personalised Service

This is personal so we think it’s best to come to you in a comfortable setting.

10+ Years of Experience

Sourcing, purchasing, creating and selling diamonds is what we know.

How Can We Help You?

Lady Lux has a commitment to source the best diamonds for you. Whether pink or white we can accommodate, all you need to do is let us know how we can help you.

Engagement Rings

Let us customise what you give during your special moment with a unique design for your loved one.

Collector Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds are some of the rarest, most sought after collector’s diamonds. Find yours here.

How It Works

Your Personalised Ring Consult

Personalised service is what makes your diamond ring unique. See how we work best with you to source, create and provide the best diamond ring for your loved one.


    We assume you’re living with your partner and don’t get too much time alone to do this, so let us come to you at work or a comfortable setting.


    Our Lady Lux diamond consultants will first get to know you and your partner. They will have some selected diamond ring styles to guide you on what’s best for your loved one. 


    During your personalised diamond ring consult, your Lady Lux diamond consultant will sketch your ideas to create something unique that can be handmade that no one else has. Any girl would love that!

A Unique Offer Just For You

Personalised Diamond Ring Consultation

Prefer to create a completely unique ring with one of our consultants but not sure where to start? Take advantage of our introductory consultation for $250 and be guided to find the right one you need.

  • Meet at convenient location to you

  • Extra Benefits

    If purchasing a diamond ring, receive the following:

    • Discreet Flat Ring Box RRP 99. To execute a surprise proposal (The most important feature in a surprise proposal is flatness of the box and therefore concealability)
    • Crystalline Toasting Champagne Flutes RRP 499. What better way to celebrate your engagement than with gorgeous champagne flutes which can then be used at your wedding.


A Unique Offer Just For You


Personalised Diamond Ring Consultation

What Clients Say


“ A massive thank you to Gina from Ladylux for her exceptional service and advice. Gina was patient and friendly during my indecisiveness. I absolutely love my diamond and highly recommend to anyone looking!! ”



“ An awesome experience, well.. journey, really! Gina was extremely patient with me throughout the whole design process and was very helpful with great ideas! My fiancé loves her stone and adores her ring. Thank you! ”


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